About me

About me

Hello, and thanks for visiting!  On this site, you'll find some of the programming and webdev work I've done over the last two decades.

Two decades?  Well, OK, three decades at this point, if you want to count an internship writing reports in DataEase in the early 90s.

I built my first website while a graduate student, doing computational protein design.  I also wrote a GUI for our group's code, which at that point took a pile of text files and was fussy about integers vs. floats, but not in a way that threw informative error messages in the first six hours on the supercomputer.  

I like programming.  I like figuring out how to take an idea and make a functional product.  I also like taking existing code and figuring out how to bend it to my will.  (Do I write in FORTRAN? No, but I did splice in a way to do the calculations I needed for my dissertation into existing FORTRAN codebase.)  I enjoy adding, changing, and improving functionality.

I also like teaching, and most of my time now is teaching chemistry and biochemistry to undergraduates.  My current big project is a plasmid digestion simulator, which grew out of trying to teach labs online (!!) during the first year of the pandemic.  My first prototype (created in a panic the week before I needed it, so don't judge) took in a .csv file (emailed to me by students) and wrote out a simulated gel image (which I emailed back), but I'm now building it as React Native app, to make it more widely accessible.

When I'm not in the classroom, I enjoy helping freelance clients solve problems.  Need my help?  Get in touch!

Working with Ghost? Hire me!
Is Ghost misbehaving? Do you need some help? Want your website to include a feature that isn’t in your theme? Wish someone else would wrangle that CSS into submission? I’m your gal. You can contact me here: https://cathy.sarisky.link/contact Small jobs are welcome. I can mod your